Farm Street Church

Farm Street, the Jesuit church in the Mayfair district of London, has a special place in the hearts of many people, Catholics and non-Catholics alike. For over a hundred and fifty years it has served a community drawn to this church by its reputation for spiritual and intellectual vigour. Many have regularly travelled some distance to worship in this church and to seek the help and advice of the succeeding generations of priests who have served here.

In the 1840s , the Jesuits first began looking for a location for their London church, they found this site in a quiet back street. (The name derived from Hay Hill Farm which extended in the 18 th century from the present Hill Street eastward across Berkeley Square and beyond).

floor_tour_1This church was opened in 1849 and it was from the start a place of beauty. There have been changes in the adornment of the building and although it has expanded (through the addition of the side-altars and their chapels) the impact is much the same. Generous benefactors made it possible for Farm Street church to become a gracious and peaceful place in the 19th and 20th century.

Farm Street is a major channel of charitable funding and we have regular appeals for a variety of worthy causes. In addition, we are able to come to the immediate need of victims of disaster using the Jesuit network to ensure that donations reach their target.

Funds raised by Farm Street Church at the Mount Street Gardens Fair will go towards “Helping Hand”, which is our parish Charities Fund we have established to help with major projects.